Tuesday, September 4, 2012

MAME Material Update Part 2

CRT's and Beyond!
  Part 2 of the material gathering starts with the TV.  Now, back in the day, CRT's were the norm and buying a 22 some odd inch TV would be rather expensive.  Say, around a couple hundred dollars, but now all that has changed.  With the advent of the flat screen TV, CRTs are now old news and pretty cheap. especially if you head to one of my favorite old stuff stores, GoodWill! 

  I walked into Goodwill with tape measure in hand, I knew I needed a 22" width and 16" height TV.  I then set about look like a crazy person, measuring all the TVs on the Goodwill TV wall, and then when I would find one the right size I would turn it around to ensure there was a S-Video input.  After I found a TV that had both of these attributes I then set about completely tarnishing any person's rational thought of me at the time, and turned the TV to the blank S-Video input and then unplugged the TV, and then re plugged it back in.  When I did this, my wish came true as the TV turned back on and was still at the S-Video input.  I have found my TV.  The reason I did this was for the one switch option with a smart switch that I will go into more detail later.

I have already started the process and dismantling the TV to mount it in the Arcade.  I will go over in more detail on my next post how I went about this, and the safety steps I took, etc.  The TV cost me $20, and on my way back from the TV wall, I found these babies.

Cheap Computer Speakers


That's, right I found a sub, plus two speakers for $5.00.  Aren't I lucky?  You can find some decent stuff at Goodwill.  Now whether or not it works, is another questions, but I tested the power when I was at good will and they turned on.  After getting home I checked the sound and they work great!  I have already begun mounting these speakers to the cabinet with...duct tape! hahahaha.

The speakers actually fit pretty nicely within the old speaker holes.  I was able to run the connection cable down and connect to the sub woofer at the bottom.

Marquee Light
  The last item I got for materials is the marquee light.  I went over to WalMart because all I needed was a below the cabinet plug in light.  This is also for the one switch turns on everything trick.  At WalMart I was able to find an 18" under the cabinet light with a plug, so I am all set.

Next I will be showing the art work progress I have made as well as start working on the control panel.  Thanks again for "tuning" in.  Until next time!


  1. Looking good. Be very careful with that de-cased TV. That suction cup plug going into the tube can hold a charge that is capable of doing some serious harm. Stay away from it, or discharge it and you should be fine. Good luck, I look forward to the next updates.

    1. Thanks for the advice. I have read up on working with CRTs. I am discharging the unit before I start doing any else to it. I'll keep you posted!