Thursday, September 13, 2012

Put The T in T-Molding

Applying T-Molding
  My T-Molding has come in.  I searched around a good bit to find this stuff, and I was able to get my T-Molding from ebay for about $10.  This was the best deal I found since Home Depot or any other local hardware store around me doesn't sell the correct type of T-Molding I need, and any other online store I checked I was looking around $20 bucks with shipping to get the T-Molding here.
The T-Molding I got was black and I got 20' of it.  This was more than enough that I needed to wrap the control panel.
  I stated earlier that the smallest router bit I could find was 1/16" which is too large for the T-Molding to fit snug, so I will need to apply hot glue to have this stay.  I got help from my wife (Thank you!) to assist me with applying this. 

  Basically she applied the hot glue and I followed behind her with the T-Molding, we stopped on the two front corners of the CP So We could apply more glue and pressure since these bends put more resistance on the T-Molding. 

 I also divided the CP up into three parts, the control panel was cut at an acute angle for the T-Molding and this would just not stay on, so I cut little strips for these two back areas.

It didn't take long for the hot glue to dry, and also applying this adhesive is rather forgiving if you screw up.

  Here is the finished shot with what I have so far.  I am still waiting on my marquee to come in, but it should arrive shortly, and I also have one more add-on for the cabinet before I am done.  Thanks for tuning in, until next time!

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